Sunday, 3 November 2013

Abu Dhabi GP - "That was a world champion's drive"

Pffffff...what to say about this race?  Other than bor-ing.  If you have anything interesting to add, please comment below.


Brundle's labelling a certain section of the grid "the job centre zone"
EJ vs. Brundle on the grid

Rather not

Kimi's disqualification and subsequent crashing out in the first corner - the one potential piece of excitement disappeared so quickly
Croft calling the grid row of Di Resta and Button "all-English" - obviously this doesn't bother me at all but I did have to listen to some whinging about it
Bottas' awful, points-losing pitstop
Button maintaining his anywhere-but-the-points strategy

PS. Apparently it's fines not penalties for

PPS. It has been rumoured that Mr Raikkonen will not be racing at America or Brazil due to not being paid this year, feel free to check back on the rules but FF1 teams do not score points for replacement drivers.

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