Monday, 18 November 2013

American GP - "We have to remember these days. There's no guarantee they'll last forever...We have an incredible team spirit. I love you."


Q3 - Bottas 1, Maldonado 18
Bottas' moving wing cam - although it does perhaps make me a little motion sick
Webber's 2.3 second stop - I think it's some sort of camera trick
Bottas' overtake on Gutierrez
Too many star drivers to choose from - Bottas?  Grosjean?
Andretti - a nice change on the podium
Grosjean pronounces it "lo-toos"

No way Hose

Q3 - Bottas 1, Maldonado 18
Hamilton's Michael Jackson tribute helmet
We haven't seen Sutil on camera for a long time - we have seen lots of his girlfriend though
Did we spot those blue necklaces?
Webber's start - he practically retired on the grid
Vettel - the only man in F1 who can make doughnuts boring
Who is on Grosjean's helmet?  Obama?
What are Williams' pitlane procedures that mean they are slower than anyone else?

Sadly the interweb has let me down on lots of questions today.

A last note - should we leave Vettel out of FF1 next year?

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