Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Brazilian GP - "I love you guys"


Aussie hats at Red Bull - the best touch amongst all the farewell plans
Rosberg - did everything he could to thwart Vettel but it didn't last long
Susie Wolff - showing she really cares about Williams from the garage
Fernando and Mark - the F1 bromance


Ross Brawn speculation - is he going?  There's no statement saying he is.
Alonso - a good start gone bad
No wheels on their wagons - Bottas and Hamilton
Hamilton - look where you're going
Poor pit stops - Vettel finally, finally gets one and it still doesn't hamper his progress
Massa's "doughnuts" - why have Williams hired a driver who can't even do doughnuts?

Lastly, thank you so much for your support over the year.  I hope you've all enjoyed playing and we stand united in our disliking of Vettel.


  1. Thanks again Pitstop Princess for the running commentary this year. It is a shame that the vettel/webber incident at the start of the season left a bad taste in the mouth for the rest of it. I thought Hamilton was in the right regarding the incident between him and bottas.

    Congrats to I hate vettel for winning ff1 this year! - The last few years have seen anyone who picks vettel to be near the top - maybe the v6's might change that - I hope they do.

    F1 seems to be becoming an even more restrictive world regarding the fact that the more money a driver can bring to a team, the less talent they have to possess - this is sad. It's sad to see maldonado at lotus whilst Hulkenberg has to settle for force india. Perez has never impressed me - di resta should be there.

    Double points in the last race of the season? - More like double the money in Bernie's pocket... pathetic.

    Till next year ff1'ers - enjoy the off season!

    What up Bianchi?

  2. Thanks. I think the price for Vettel will be prohibitive next year and with two double points tracks for FF1'ers, that should spice things up a little. I don't think it's a bad idea.