Friday, 13 March 2015

2015 Teams

We have a whopping 22 teams playing the Fantasy F1 game this season. Welcome to all the new managers. Enjoy!

Team Principal; Team Name; Driver 1; Driver 2; Chassis; Engine; Hometrack
Chris; Teutonic Titans, Titanic Twits; Nasr; Manor Marussia Driver #2; Mercedes; Mercedes; Bahrain
Gareth; Baby Pitstop's Change Crew; Ricciardo; Grosjean; Ferrari; Ferrari (Manor Marussia); Bahrain
Joe; Hippy F1; Ricciardo; Stevens; Sauber; Mercedes; Britain
David B; Sharks have no bones :); Nasr; Stevens; Mercedes; Mercedes; Japan
Adam; HamBerg from McCedes drive through please; Ericsson; Stevens; Mercedes x2; Spain
John; No Vices Now; Bottas; Hulkenberg; Williams; Mercedes (Williams); Belgium
Susan; Go Fast and Prosper; Kvyat; Nasr; Mercedes; Mercedes (Williams); Brazil
Malcolm; Juan Angus Fangio C.I.; Bottas; Massa; Williams; Renault (Toro Rosso); Abu Dhabi
Jennifer; DC's Tighty Whiteys; Ericsson; Stevens; Mercedes; Mercedes; China
Claire; The Pitstop Princess; Rosberg; Hulkenberg; Williams; Renault (Toro Rosso); Monaco
Phil; The Hopefuls; Button; Kvyat; Mercedes; Ferrari (Manor Marussia); GB
Lynn; I Monza Brink of Insanity; Bottas; Kvyat; Toro Rosso; Ferrari; Italy
Stephen; Double Mercedes is Boring!; Kvyat; Hulkenberg; Williams; Mercedes; Austria
Colin; The F1 Flumps; Hamilton; Stevens; Williams; Mercedes (Force India); China
Laura; Beauty & the F1 Geek; Rosberg; Grosjean; Williams; Ferrari (Manor Marussia); Monaco
Alistair; Muppet Racing; Grosjean; Verstappen; Williams; Mercedes; Russia
David W; Lots of Trouble Usually Serious; Grosjean; Maldonado; Williams; Mercedes; Australia
Cameron; 10CC; Bottas; Grosjean; Williams; Lotus (Mercedes); Monaco
Becca; I blame Clarkson; Button; Maldonado; Mercedes; Renault (Toro Rosso); GB
Mark; The Very Good Value; Bottas; Hulkenberg; Williams; Mercedes (Williams); Abu Dhabi
Mike; Mike and the Mechanics; Grosjean; Verstappen; Williams; Mercedes; Bahrain
Jennie; Baby on Board; Kvyat; Massa; Force India; Mercedes; Canada

1 comment:

  1. Do we live in a Toto(wolff)litarian society? - Will it simply be another race of Mercedes puritans to the top? Or will 'The Very Good Value Team' prove that a bit of variety offers exceptional value?...

    I can't see a vettel, raikkonen... no red bull teams - and not one daring soul picking honda! - A few Lotus's in there - let's hope their cars performances this year really grosjean you. ; )

    Favourite team name of the year 'HamBerg from McCedes drive through please' - How does he do it?...

    All the best for this year folks (in ff1 and in life)! Thanks again to Claire for catering to pedantic F1 geeks (and trying to make our irrelevant obsession seem somehow a bit more social).

    sharks have no bones : )