Sunday, 29 March 2015

Malaysia GP - "Numero Uno is back"

Yes please

Front wing cameras - on Bottas and Rosberg's cars, great shots
Pit crew helmet camera - interesting
Petting Vettel -  "good boy, good boy"
Resurgence of McLaren - Button: "we're catching cars".  Team: "Hulkenberg is holding them up."
Rookies - Mehri finished the race and Verstappen become the youngest ever points-scorer

No thanks

EJ - "The people of Germany should get together and discuss the loss of the race".  Agenda Item #2, the loss of Greece from the EU?
Penalties - lots of rubbish ones issued, starting with Grosjean
Doubting - why did Raikkonen go past the pit lane with a puncture?  Because Nasr tapped after the pit lane (no penalty)
Sauber's pit - appeared to be tacked on to the end of the pit lane...what happens if even more teams race next year?
Retro happenings - Ericcson beached himself
Missing wheels - Bottas
Early baths - for McLaren
Graphics disaster - just as I'd started to rely on the coloured lines that indicate the team, they got all mixed up

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