Sunday, 15 March 2015

Australia GP - "nice work...excellently managed...solid race"


Hope - Button thinks the McLaren Honda package "will challenge Mercedes".  Granted he said this before he didn't score points in a race where only 11 cars finished.
Blue and yellow - congrats Sauber and Banco de Brazil for a lovely looking car.
New graphics - cleaned up for the new season.  I am appreciating the clear pit stop times and removal of driver numbers
Penalties - where were they?  This feels like a bygone era.
Adrian Newey - back in the pitlane?  Must be desperate times for Red Bull.
Debuts - amazing rookie races by Sainz and Nasr (5th!)
Mamma mia! - Vettel sucks up to the tifosi with some bella Italian
Arnie's interview plan - spend a long time chatting with the eloquent Germans and no time at all with Hamilton

In the dunny

Engine failure - Kvyat changed one before qualifying had even started, that's failing before you've even written your name at the top of the paper.
Van der Farce - Guido came to his senses and realised that if he wanted a team manager to take him on board ever again, suing the lovely Monisha Kaltenborn for a drive was not the way forwards.   We saw why he took desperate measures once the race was over and the points were tallied.
Manor Marussia - staying put in the garage.  What happened to money-saving measures?
Too young for leg hair - Mehri
Return of Ron - hmmmmm
#44 - why would you not use #1 when you have earnt it?  Heritage too fuddy duddy for you?  You don't have a tattoo of it?  44 nets you more merch money?
Not making it to the grid - Bottas does his back in.  Magnussen and Kvyat's cars don't get them round their out laps.  Bring back reserve cars.
Poor starts - Raikkonen - come on, please, get it together.
Missing out on easy points - Lotus, I'm looking at you
Radio silence - how boring now all the team radio chat is tyre chat and fuel saving
Poor pitstops - never happen to the right person.  I think Sainz's was meant for Hamilton
Unlucky - Verstappen had a great inaugral race, marred only by some poor parking when his car failed
Unreliability - more pre-season testing is needed

Finally, who knew Arnie was so short!

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