Monday, 30 May 2016

Monaco GP - "Just save it...nothing youse can say can make that any better"

Gambling big

Ricciardo - was that really his first pole?
Engine failure in Qualifying 3 - a glimmer of hope from Hamilton
Wet race - promised such a lot...
"He flies through the air with the greatest of ease..." - Verstappen mounts the kerb
Clever strategy - Hamilton's team did a great job
Force India - brought a strong race, Perez third and Hulkenberg sixth
Ricciardo - using the Scottish vernacular

Losing it all

Safety car start - what are these drivers paid for?
Palmer - crashing to bring out another safety car just as we'd got rid of the first one
Raikkonen - taking a good driver [himself] out of the race
More bad luck for Ricciardo - a 13.5 second pit stop.  Just seems impossible for Red Bull.
Brundle looking for a jacket to wear for the podium interviews - who dropped out during the race?  Bieber?
Team orders - worked out well for Sauber
4 Monte Carlo wins in a row - not for Rosberg
Bieber??? - rocking the Angus hair cut though!

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