Monday, 2 May 2016

Russia GP- "We've finally done it in Russia"

Putin orders it

The Pitstop Princess loves a pun - Brundle: "Fins ain't what they used to be"
Tidying up - Vettel puts his broken front wing in his cockpit
Scooter driving - Vettel hops in the driver seat to get back to the pits (see also Toddler Pitstop's main life ambition)
Bleeper machine - Formula 1 Management gets good value from theirs this weekend
What little radio communication we heard - Perez: "Do you like my pace?  Do you like it?"
Consecutive race wins - if it was Hamilton we would all be complaining though.  Apparently this means that Nico has won more races consecutively than his father won in his whole championship-winning career.  I tried to verify this but the chart on Wikipedia was too confusing.
Mercedes engineer swap - the big story of the race weekend.  Has management decided that Rosberg should have better engineers?  Is it all coincidence?
Kvyat - a masterclass in how to own up and apologise for a mistake

Putin frowns

Kvyat - gets it right this time, bumping Vettel twice to ensure no awkward podium room chat (although he missed  bumping Putin which would have guaranteed this for all)
Radio communication - so the Mercedes engineers can't tell Hamilton "it's hammer time" but the Ferrari engineers can tell Raikkonen "this is a critical point"?
Massa's five second penalty - does anyone know why this was awarded?
Paul di Resta - are we the only household who hits fastforward whenever he appears?

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