Monday, 16 May 2016

Spain GP - "unbelievable"

Testing track

Verstappen/Kvyat switch around - promotion, demotion, sideways moves, Red Bull did well out of it and Kvyat stuck it home with a fastest lap.  Just to clarify, if you have either driver in your team you will still score whatever points they score etc.
Hamilton's start - whooping in the Crossword King household
Hamilon/Rosberg L1 "racing incident" - this was rewound several times.  If it wasn't for the Old Skool gravel traps, I guess it wouldn't have mattered so much.  After throwing his steering wheel to the ground, Hamilton kept it very professional in the press pit.  I assume that there will an announcement shortly that Hamilton and Wehrlein are to swap seats?
Double noggin knockers - what I assume Toto did in the Mercedes truck
Haas - yet again, bringing the racing to the race
Dilemmas - now, I don't want Red Bull or Vettel to do well but I do want Ferrari and Ricciardo to...who should I be rooting for?
18 year old winner - are we going to be ruing this day in 5 years, 10 years...?  Or is it too much too soon and he'll go the Macauly Culkin way?
Smiling and talking - Raikkonen!
Booing - Vettel must wonder what on earth he has to do to win over the public.

Testing times

Worst interview ever with Sir Frank - courtesy of Alain Prost
Continuation of the poor strategy by Williams - Massa out in the first qualifying session
Does Verstappen even know the song Sweet Dreams? - probably not DC
Too much excitement - as Ricciardo fails to pass Vettel on L59
Webber's unlucky Red Bull seat - inherited by Ricciardo
Channel 4 - cut the podium room chat
Placido Domingo - ?

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