Monday, 10 October 2016

Japan GP - "one in the land of the rising sun"

Well, that was a cracking race.  The best of the season in my humble opinion.

I started off feeling chipper about it as Raikkonen overtook Vettel in the championship points in Malaysia, which feels like justice.  I really enjoyed Sky's focus on the Japanese fans and all their costumes and accessories.  Could it get any better?  Hamilton's poor start!

However, it all went out the window when I realised that Williams were running 13th and 14th.

There were so many twists and turns: Hulkenberg's "see you later", Ricciardo's long stop, all the whinging about blue flags and no retirements!  Mercedes won the constructors championship but that was a given.

What followed the race was awkward.  No one spoke in the cool down room.  It would be easy to poke fun at Kai Ebel but we give the world Eddie Jordan.  Hamilton swerved the question about his start - did he think we would forget?

Rosberg has now won 9 races, no one who has won this many has not gone on to win the championship...

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