Monday, 3 October 2016

Malaysia GP - "I think we did bloody good"

It was a hideous start to the race all round.  Massa lost his throttle on the grid (did he check in the glovebox?).  Then there was the crazy long lights to go.  Next Vettel tapped Rosberg, prompting Put out Pastor to comment: "Well, that's Hamilton's race" and Verstappen to comment "Vettel is crazy".  I remember when Vettel used to do the Crazy Frog song.

Haas had amazing grid places, then Gutierrez got a puncture, before going out on Lap 42 with a lost tyre and Grosjean failed.  There were big disappointments all round.  Massa also got a puncture in Lap 7.  Ocon sped in the pits, twice.

Better news for McLaren, Alonso made up a spectacular 12 places in 4 laps.  Perhaps AlonsoCam should be a red button option.

The race really came alive in Lap 39 with Rosberg and Raikkonen battling, then Ricciardo and Verstappen. Two laps later there were high fives on our sofa as Hamilton caught fire.  Toto had his head in his hands, we heard Hamilton on the radio and we did then feel a little sorry for him.  Two laps more and Rosberg was awarded a 10 second penalty for absolutely nothing.

The final, honorable mention should go to Jolyon Palmer performing badly in a mediocre car finally getting his first F1 point.

So for the first time in living memory, we have an F1 weekend where Mercedes didn't dominate.  Here's hoping for a fantastic final five races.

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