Tuesday, 25 October 2016

US GP - "Good job boy"

Starting at the beginning, what happened on Lap 1 between Bottas and Hulk?  Unfair.  At least it was a long stop for Force India and then he was out.  Then Lap 3, Button was suddenly 10th.  How?  By Lap 9, Race Control were investigating a lot with no action required anywhere.  There was quite a bit of overtaking, although the cars look so tiny on the wide track, that shouldn't be a surprise.  Then there were a few raised eyebrows coming up.  Rosberg wasn't happy to be playing "the long game". Verstappen made an unscheduled pit stop: "I thought you boxed me, sorry".  Followed by an engine failure for him, he definitely wouldn't be finishing 4th.  This led to a Virtual Safety Car and an opportunity for the conspiracy theorists to take centre stage.  Why did Verstappen park the car so as to cause a VSC if Ricciardo was not going to benefit from it?  By Lap 39, Raikkonen had to stop his car coming out of the pits with a wheel potentially unattached.  There were lots of bloopers during the race like this, including Ricciardo swearing about Rosberg.  I wish I knew what he really said.

I finished the race wondering why Bottas couldn't have made up more places and enjoying Alonso's "yeeha"!

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