Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Mexico GP - "Not the race you wanted but who cares"

Another awful start to a race...penalties.  It made a day of the living dead at the back of the grid.  I did enjoy the theme though.

And so to the first lap, Vettel and Hamilton went at each other then Vettel and Verstappen.  So by lap 22, Hamilton was in 19th place with blue flags being waved at him: "it would be quicker for him to let me past and follow".  This is racing, Hamilton and we're all hoping you can't overtake and Vettel can.

Hulkenberg bought sparks to the race, nearly, being instructed that: "the car is not safe...get out by climbing out at the front of the car and jump off".  Hartley and Ericsson later brought real fire to the game.  Interesting retirements this race.

The pressure was getting to Hamilton and he demanded of his team: "when I ask a question, please give me a reply".  He did give us the best battle of the race when he encountered Alonso.  Finishing 9th, he won the world championship and I sincerely hope there'll be Neymar celebs on the radio this season.  Hamilton revealed that at this race, the Mexican fans are the best in the world.  We were also treated to a rare appearance by the Dutch national anthem and as a one off special, there was a special revolving podium introducing a DJ.  Whatever next?

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