Sunday, 4 November 2012

Abu Dhabi GP - "Yeehah, woohoo" "Thanks guys. Great job."

The BBC F1 trio were sent out the desert for this race's build-up.  Instead of being covered in jam and buried in the sand, as hoped, they sat on a tree trunk wearing keffiyehs.  I expect we will see Stetsons in Texas, bowl of fruit hats for Brazil and lampshades in China.

Despite this there was a lot to look forward to in the race with seven different teams in the top 8 grid positions and Vettel being sent to start from the pit lane.  It didn't disappoint, although there must have been a lot of disappointment in the paddock post-race.  With Vettel's astonishing finish, Alonso has no luck (but still not taking the position of unluckiest driver which sits with Webber).  The shunt of the season was delivered by Rosberg and Karthikeyan.  It was joyous to hear the Finnish national anthem again and Schumacher is now the only world champion currently racing not to have won a race this year.  Why was there so many mistakes for what should have been a processional race?

Finally, does the pit exit remind anyone else of the Funhouse circuit?

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  1. "...whole lot of fun... ...prizes to be won..."
    --Better the Vettel you know--