Sunday, 25 November 2012

Brazilian GP - "Oh my God guys"

The season finishes with a lot of uncertainty, many drivers and unsigned and seats are empty.  Schumi drove his last race in F1 (fingers crossed) having celebrated by driving round his outlap with a chequered flag and delivering a radio message to his supporters: "get ready to rumble".

Before Hamilton fills his seat at Mercedes, he told DC that McLaren is the best team.  Onwards and upwards, eh? 

Then the lights went out.  Vettel's poor start meant he was in the pack and ripe for a collision.  Whilst Massa and Alonso went out front, both Williams went out in lap one.  There was lots teammate-on-teammate action during the race, McLarens, Red Bulls and Ferraris running close together and the Torro Rossos running in to each other.

The rain and poor pitstops through added spice into the mix.  No two forecasts were the same or even informing of the same amount of rain currently falling.  The thrills and spills kept coming so we were never sure who would win the drivers championship: Hulkenberg taking out Hamilton, Hulkenberg getting a drive-through penalty, drivers moving over.  Ultimately Alonso couldn't have done more and why was Massa so upset on the podium?

It was a great race, a classic, ending the most competitive and tense seasons for a long, long while.  Expectations are high for next year.

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  1. Thanks to Claire (The Pitstop Princess) for allowing myself (and others) to join in this forum for F1 enthusiasts. I missed the last race (and quite a few others), but through your website I've been able to enjoy the races vicariously.

    From what I saw of this year (and found out) - I really enjoyed... We've lost a master (Schumi again) - but we have many young (and not so young) pro's out there who want his crown, and as long as they feel it's their destiny to be crowned F1 Champion - they'll provide some great races for the coming year (even if they drive for Mercedes) :) .

    Alonso has impressed me more this year than any other - but his last race was always going to be an uphill battle. Likewise my bid to be FF1 champion remained outwith my grasp - congrats to Beauty & the F1 Geek, and especially Better the Vettel you know - won by a country mile (whatever that is?) - well played!

    All the best till next year folks - what will you do with these hours on a sunday now?.. (Don't answer that).

    It's hard to believe than in little more than 12 months time - young master Kobayashi will be vying for the championship (it's possible!!) - we just have to wait...

    Until then, sayonara!
    David - Team Kamikaze Kobayashi.