Tuesday, 20 November 2012

US GP - "We definitely deserved that one"

Race morning did not hold a promising outlook.  Button had said that overtaking was unlikely and Alonso was far down the grid on the dirty side.  Then Ferrari gave pundits an early Christmas present by deliberately breaking the seal on Massa's gear box to move him five places down the grid.  Ferrari's spokesman said that: "Felipe is a strong part of the team.  His decision reflects the spirit of the team."  Yes, he's very much part of the team and not the teamleader.  Felipe said they had made the decision in order to have both cars on the clean side of the grid.  He is very gullible.  He was asked if Alonso had spoken with him: "Yes".

On to the race.  As Mr Pitstop Princess commented: "It's so easy to pass Schumacher these days".  Indeed, he finished 16th, having started 5th.  Ferrari possibly lost the drivers championship with a poor pitstop, especially when you compare it to the amazing stops of Vettel and Raikkonen.

As much as it pains me to say it, I'm glad Hamilton won as it keeps the championship alive.  Roll on Sunday.

ps. apologies for the delay in posting the results but our internet connection has been Grosjean (great occasionally but usually crashes).

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  1. Our internet is more Caterham - Promises to deliver and then doesn't, but the overall financial cost of the failure isn't too significant