Tuesday, 20 November 2012

US GP Charts

Chart of Lust

1. (new entry) The Circuit of the Americas - delivered a great race
2. (new entry) Winnebago's - to watch the race from the top of, what a wonderful idea
3. (new entry) Texan head wear - Vettel's helmet design and the winner's stetsons
4. (new entry) Sky's coverage - notably the shot of two Americans missing a high 5
5. (new entry) Showers forecast - for Interlagos, promises to be one of those great showdowns

Chart of Loathing

1. (new entry) Texan head wear - again - lampshades in China and cork hats in Australia to follow
2. (new entry) Panoramic shots of the car parking facilities - indicative of the lack of inspiration by the television directors for this race
3. (new entry) Pitstop replays - see above
4. (new entry) Andretti - all statement and no questions
5. (new entry) Not knowing - would Massa have won if he hadn't taken the penalty?

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