Sunday, 28 March 2010

Australian Analysis - "Feels so good"

Lewis Hamilton can do no good it seems in Melbourne, he always has a run in with the authorities. Brundle says boys will boys. Or is that lying crims?

Moving on, does anyone else keep mistaking the Renaults for Jordans, or am I showing my age? Did you get up early and realise it wasn't early enough? Did Ledgard correctly identify any driver before the camara shot was so close you could read the name tag sewn into the back of their overalls by their mums?

From this race, I have learnt that if you are having a bad day it is best to keep your helmet on, even though people might think you have a cold sore. I am also appreciating schadenfreude more and more. Hamilton deserved to be shunted by Webber, as the McLaren mechanics let out such a cheer when Vettel had brake failure. Webber continues to be the unluckiest man in Formula 1, apparantly he went down fighting though.

A great race though; more of the same for Malaysia please.

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