Sunday, 14 March 2010

Team Listings

Before the race I thought you'd like to get hold of the team listings, if only to remind you who you picked. In alphabetical order:

Beauty & the F1 Geek: Vettel, Sutil, Mercedes, Ferrari (Toro Rosso) & Britain
Birley Chassis: Massa, Glock, Lotus, Ferrari & Singapore
Blood on the tracks: Glock, Vettel, McLaren, Cosworth (HRT) & Belgium
The Cake King: Alonson, Button, Toro Rosso, Cosworth (Lotus) & Abu Dhabi
Chew Chew Joe: Button, Alguesauri, Williams, Mercedes (McLaren) & Britain
Corpus Christi - Trimble: Hamilton, Buemi, Ferrari, Ferrari (Toro Rosso) & Singapore
Ferrari Fanatic: Schumacher, Massa, Toro Rosso, Ferrari (Toro Rosso) & Italy
Gurning Rubber: Alonso, Liuzzi, McLaren, Ferrari (Toro Rosso) & Malaysia
Hippy F1: Webber, Barrichello, Force India, Mercedes & Britain
Liuzzi goes bananas: Alonso, Liuzzi, McLaren, Ferrari (Toro Rosso) & Italy
The Lord of the Wings: Webber, Hulkenberg, McLaren, Cosworth (Lotus) & Singapore
The Pitstop Princess: Rosberg, Petrov, Ferrari, Mercedes (Force India) & Monaco
Que Senna Senna: Sutil, Senna, Ferrari, Renault (Red Bull) & Bahrain
Stars in Reasonably Priced Cars: Vettel, Kobayashi, Renault & Ferrari (Toro Rosso) & Japan
Wheely wheely fast: Button, Barrichello, Toro Rosso, Mercedes & Britain
You will never see me in Lederhosen: Massa, Petrov, Virgin, Mercedes (McLaren) & Belgium
The Young and the Restless: Trulli, Petrov, McLaren, Mercedes & ???

As you can see, Britain and Singapore are crucial races for the league. As there are 17 teams the prizes will be:
1st prize - £102
2nd prize - £51
3rd prize - £17

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