Sunday, 14 March 2010

Bahrain Banter

As the first few bars of The Chain played out, my spine tingled. If only the race could have lived up to such excitement. Perhaps John Major could hum it for the next race if they're all going to be like this. You know a race is boring when they have to cut to Coulthard for comments to spice it up.

Rosberg was not at all happy about being joined at Mercedes by Schumacher, what is he anticipating? At a head shorter that Schumi, I wonder who the car was be built for? And doesn't Schumacher look gaunt and tired? Like Webber. Getting down to the weight of the short guys takes its toll. He also looks smug. Obviously my favourite commentry snippet was "He's being held up by Schumacher".

Talking of uncomfortable team mates, just watch Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton. They should not be allowed to do press together, it's cringe-making. They try and josh but it's awful.

Alonso looked grim in the Qualifying press conference. He did not expect to be second to Massa. He got his revenge in the race.

Brundle and Ledgard are taking their time to warm-up. Brundle used his best line, "That's a virgin pitstop for the Virgin team" on the wrong car, Senna in an Hispania.

Anyway, I hope everyone enjoyed the return of the Silver Arrows. At Rosberg's pitstop I thought my TV had switched to black and white as everything was grey.

One more thing to watch out for: Hamilton and Domencali chatting on the podium. Alonso and Hamilton in the same team again? Probably not.


  1. Good post as always, can't wait to see how it starts to pan out!

    Beauty and the F1 Geek

  2. I wondered if I had just built it up too much in my mind, was looking forward to it too much, but it was just a dull race wasn't it.
    Incidentally, did anybody else notice from the heli-cam shots how may acres of desert there are around the Bahrain circuit? where you would expect there to be stands full of spectators? Only a handful of stands. Absolutely no carparks. Was anyone there?
    Nice that the cheating Hunn didn't make any headlines. Shame for Vettel. Not actually sure who I'm, supporting this year - apart from Lotus...

  3. Yes, I noticed that as well.

    I also wondered how much water they must use over that weekend and the miles and miles of pipes it takes to get it all there.

    I think I'm getting old.